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Musculoskeletal Issues

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for West Seneca, NY & Beyond

At Evolve Chiropractic of Western New York, we understand where chiropractic care sits in the care continuum, and we hope to be your primary musculoskeletal care provider in WNY. Our team of doctors have over 45 years of combined experience to assist with musculoskeletal conditions involving the back, neck, shoulders, hips, spine, and extremities. From sports injuries and workplace injuries to headaches and more, we can help treat your musculoskeletal ailments. Our hands-on chiropractic adjustments and affordable spinal decompression can help further alleviate any pain and produce natural soft tissue healing. Contact our office today to learn more about our chiropractic service options or the types of chiropractic care we offer! We're proud to serve patients across West Seneca, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Depew, East Aurora, Hamburg, Lancaster, and Orchard Park, NY.

Putting Chiropractic in the Center of Your Care

Dr. Shaun Morgan, while working with Dr. Kevin Cichocki, created a company that developed care algorithms for all spinal conditions. This algorithm allows patients to swiftly access the practitioner who would best help them for their condition, whether it’s a surgeon, chiropractor, or physical or massage therapist. We offer a collaborative approach to get patients the proper care that they need: the world’s first integrated care pathway. Our focus is on patient-centered care, and while chiropractic adjustments alone can resolve almost all back pain issues, if you need additional help, we will direct you to the provider and modality that will provide it.

Trusted Hands-On Chiropractic Adjustments Combined with Modern, High-Tech Options

When you turn to Evolve Chiropractic of Western New York for all of your musculoskeletal care needs, you can expect the best of both worlds: hands-on care using tried-and-true chiropractic adjustment methods and modern, high-tech options. We have modern modalities such as shock wave therapy to provide the finest care possible. In fact, we are one of only two providers in Western New York offering shock wave therapy.

Our goal, while respecting our core values and the history of chiropractic care, is to further establish chiropractic as the first choice for musculoskeletal care in the 21st century.